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This Self-Paced Online Learning Center is

  • Do you want to feel more peace, harmony, and ease in each day?
  • Do you want to connect with the core of your being, your true essence?
  • Do you want to make positive behavior changes in your life?
  • Do you want to manifest what you want more easily and quickly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is the answer. Meditation and Guided Imagery are the foundation for making any change in your life. A regular meditation practice allows you to quiet the mind chatter and go to the Source of all creativity, peace, unconditional love. As you contact that Source on a regular basis, your life will change dramatically for the better.

How It Works

This is a six session course. Each session explores a different aspect of meditation and/or guided imagery. You work at your own pace, so you can spend a day or a week on one session . There are audio segments in each lesson that actually guide you into meditation and imagery! The topics covered include the different types of meditation, how it differs from imagery, the benefits, balancing the chakras, and more.

This powerful course:

  • Answers the questions: What is meditation?  Why do it?
  • Provides essential guidelines and steps for practicing meditation regularly.
  • Teaches you how to meditate, with actual audio clips that guide you.
  • Inspires you with the vast array of benefits from a meditation practice.
  • Identifies the difference between meditation, guided imagery, and visualization.
  • Shows you how to make life changes using imagery, including a guided meditation.
  • Guides you in imagery for healing disease.
  •  Shows you how to balance the chakras and feel their energy fields.
  • Cites research on how meditation helps you the individual AND the planet.

Lifetime membership is just $79, one time.

Remember, registration for ANY course gets you LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL courses.


Audio introductions:

Click the PLAY (>) button for an audio introduction to Meditation from Patricia 

Click the PLAY (>) button for an audio introduction to Meditation from Rick

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