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This Self-Paced Online Learning Center is

Welcome to our powerful online courses.

Rick & PatriciaThese self-directed courses are designed to assist you in easily making the personal and lifestyle changes you need, to live the happier, healthier, more abundant life you want.

We have been asked by people around the world who have not been able to study with us in person to create some correspondence courses. These online courses are the answer to those numerous requests!

Lifetime membership is just $79, one time.

What one thing will increase your success this year???
**Writing down exactly what you want!**

Record your affirmations month by month along with how they were made manifest.

Learn and practice - the five daily habits you need for success - how to clear blocks when your affirmations don't seem to be working - and much more. Sign up now!

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Online learning allows you to set your own pace and accommodate your own schedule. If you are a night person who prefers doing your session at midnight, you can do it then! If you prefer to start the day at 6:am, you can login then.

Only $79.00 allows you life time full access to all our online courses and automatic notification when new ones become available.


If within a thirty day period you are not completely overjoyed with your enrolment in our Lifetime Learning Center just let us know and we will refund your tuition fee, fully and with no questions asked.

Register and and start learning now! (temporarily unavailable)

Unlike some other cyberspace courses, which rely on only autoresponders to your email address, our courses are comprehensive and use several modalities for assisting you in making the positive changes you want to make. While we do use encouraging email messages delivered to your mail box, we offer much more.

By offering our courses online, we can keep them visually enjoyable and offer you audio portions that deepen your understanding about the concepts you are learning. In addition, by making a conscious decision to come online to do a lesson, you are demonstrating your commitment to real change in your life.

Each session includes information (which the left brain loves!) and experiential exercises for the right brain. There are audio clips for you to listen to with each session. Except for the meditation course, each of our courses includes a “growth book” downloadable as a pdf file, which includes exercises for you to complete before you login for a session. That way, you can make the most of the session.

The exercises are specifically designed to help you identify in a powerful way the unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back, and then to develop the mental, emotional, and behavioral skills you need for the success you desire. As a pdf file the growth books work well on most computer systems.

If you have not learned to meditate, or you do not meditate on a regular basis, we strongly recommend that you start with the Meditation and Guided Imagery course. Developing the ability to quiet your mind and go into a deeply relaxed state where you are connected with Source is the basis for change, so starting there will really speed your progress in other areas.

Don't forget, there is no risk to you.

You have thirty days to try out the Lifetime Learning Center. If it doesn't work out for you we will refund your tuition fee without question. Go ahead, give it a try.

Lifetime membership (with access to ALL current and future courses) only $79.00 – REGISTER HERE

Your Lifetime membership includes 24/7 access and automatic notification when new courses become available.


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Courses Available Now:(Click the DETAILS link for more info)

Reducing Stress is an Inside Job:

Mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual steps to reducing stress are all covered in this course. A must for everyone in our fast paced world!

Say Yes! To Your Dreams:

Do you have dreams and goals for your life that are held in your heart, but somehow you haven’t been able to take the action to make them a reality? Learn how! DETAILS >>

Finding Your Ideal Life Work:

If you have been dreaming of a new and more satisfying career, this course will assist you in finding it. DETAILS >>>

A Conscious Approach to Weight Loss:

Learn the spiritual, emotional, mental and behavioral skills you need to permanently achieve the weight you desire.

Meditation and Guided Imagery:

A comprehensive course in how to meditate and use guided imagery for positive changes in your life. Includes audio clips to assist you. DETAILS >>>

Creating Wealth from the Inside Out:

The real basis for creating wealth is aligning your beliefs and consciousness with prosperity thinking. This course guides you in all the necessary steps! DETAILS >>>

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen:

Adapted from the book, Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations, by Patricia Crane, Ph.D., this course shows you how to create and use effective affirmations and visualizations to manifest what you want in life. DETAILS >>>

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